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Badal Horses Punjab is an inspiration attained from ardent love for horses. We are based in Punjab, India and have a steadfast vision to present Marwari and other breeds in their true splendour.

Badal Horses Punjab is home to a number of breeds, the most significant being the Marwari breed. What started as an area for the world to glimpse this beautiful species has turned to be one of the best equine visitation areas in Punjab. This breed is also referred to as Malani or Marwadi.  

Current Stature

There are only a few thousand purebred Marwari breeds in existence and Badal stud farm is proud to be the home to the finest amongst them. The average horse will average between 14.2 and 15.2 hands. An exceptional specimen can be as high as 16 hands.


The Malani horse comes in a plethora of colours like grey, chestnut, bay and palomino. Skewbald and piebald are considered some of the most favoured patterns. Grey horses tend to be preferred in Marwari stud books. However, with luck you can come across a pure white animal as well. A horse with the white markings of a blaze and four white sock areas on the legs is considered auspiciously lucky.


The Marwari profile is slightly Roman with straight features. A purebred Marwari will always keep its head high with the neck arched and carried high. There was no mistaking the fact of a Marwari when it went into battle as the preferred steed for a ruling king. We continue this tradition at Badal Horses Punjab treating our Marwaris as royalty befitting their stature.
These horses generally have a sloping croup and a long back with angular shoulders. However, one of the most tell-tale signs of this animal is the ears. They can rotate a complete 1800 for the tips to meet inwards. These horses are known to be easy keepers, but, some can come with an exceptional temper.

Buying Guide

A Malani horse naturally exhibits an ambling gait called aphcal, rehwal or revaal. This can be compared with a pace. Whorls play an important factor in the breed’s popularity. A whorl specifies a patch of hair that grows in the opposite direction of the rest. Buyers prefer Devman which have long flowing whorls down their necks. Whorls when below eyes are called Anusudhai. These are not preferred and are treated as unlucky or inauspicious.

Horses which had whorls on the fetlock were the choice of kings as these were thought to bring victory on the battlefield. Over the years, buyers have come to expect Marwari horses with correct proportions. These are seen through the width of 5 fingers referred as being equal to 5 grains of barley.

A pure Marwari should have a face length between 28 and 40 fingers. This length should be proportional to the length from the poll to the dock. It should not be more than 4 times the length.

The Unique History of the Marwari Horse

This is a rare breed originating from Jodhpur (Marwar) region of India. This smart and beautiful looking breed is popular for their inward-turned ear tip which adds to their unique looks. Legend has it that Indian ponies were interbred with Arabian horses when a cargo ship was wrecked off the west coast of India, the Kutch district in Gujarat. The 7 horses which lived were carted off to Marwar where they were used to give birth to the present day Marwari breed.

Traditional breeders of the Marwari were the Rathores or successful Rajput Cavalry. During the 12th century when the Rajputs were forced to withdraw from their Kingdom of Kanauj and into the Thar Deserts, they kept only the finest stallions for breeding purposes. These horses were thought to be divine beings only allowed to be ridden by a Rajput or a Kshatriya warrior caste.

Over the years, Marwari breed has come to be one of the rarest and most popular breeds in the world. This is owing to the ban placed on their export by the Indian Government. Currently, they can be taken on temporary show visits to foreign countries where breeding is not allowed.

About Badal Horses Punjab

We understand the needs and temperaments of this fierce breed. We are home to some of the finest horses in Punjab and India.

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