The Falabella miniature horse is one of the smallest breeds of horse in the world, seldom taller than 8 hands (32 inches, 81 cm) in height at the withers. The Falabella, despite its size, is not considered a pony, but rather is a miniature horse.Average breed heights for a fully-grown Falabella today are between 71 and 86 cm (28 and 34 in). The breed is proportioned similarly to horses, other than in size. They are similar to Thoroughbreds or Arabs in their conformation, with a sleek coat and a slim frame. The Falabella’s body is small and compact. The breed also inherited some cob-like features from pony bloodlines, including sturdy bone, and a thicker hair coat, particularly the mane, tail and around the fetlocks. The head may be slightly larger and the neck is often stouter by comparison with a normal-sized horse, but overall, the animal is not unusually or abnormally proportioned.
Bay (or a variant of bay, called “brown”) and black are the most common colors, but there are also pintos, palominos and other spotting patterns found.

Porki – A red coloured 2006-born Falabella mare of 30 inches height. With long and heavy tail, mane and forelocks,
Berry — A 2019-born black coloured Falabella miniature Filly. This 28-inch black beauty wears three white socks and boasts its
Prince is a beautiful red-white Falabella mare. Coming from the fine bloodline of Tokajo (sire) and Ruby (Dam) it is
Kala Ablak -- A 32-inch piebald Falabella Stallion. Having straight & small ears, this slim faced horse has a muscular
John – A Piebald Falabella colt, having four stockings and star on forehead comes from Kala Ablak bloodline. This pony
Laila – A piebald (white & brown) Falabella Filly of 30 inches in height. This 2016-born filly boasts its red
Trever is a White Falabella stallion with big brown marks on its face and body. Apart from the long &
Rajin – A 2015-born white & red Falabella Stallion has a beautiful high-neck physique. This 34-inch attractive stallion comes from
Askee -- Falabella breed Piebald (Ablak) mare that has three legs white and the fourth one black. With its sturdy
Kamanshu is a 2007-born brown-white intelligent & well trained Falabella Stallion with a muscular body. This 34-inch horse has deep