Gypsy Horse is a type or breed of domestic horse. It is a small, solidly-built horse of cob conformation and is often, but not always, piebald or skewbald. There are many breed societies for the Gypsy horse, with mostly minor variations in their respective breed standards. The range of desired heights is generally from 13 to 16 hands (52 to 64 inches, 132 to 163 cm). The cob type is approximately 14.3 to 15.1 hands (59 to 61 inches, 150 to 155 cm), and the vanner 15.1 to 16.2 hands (61 to 66 inches, 155 to 168 cm). The more refined “grai” may be of any size but is typically within the 14.3- to 16.2-hand range. A Gypsy Horse’s facial profile is straight, neither overly dished nor roman nosed. A “sweet” head, more refined than that of most draught horses, is desired. The neck is strong, muscular, and of medium length “with a throat latch slightly deeper than lighter breeds”. Bone in the legs are heavy, clean, and flat. The hind legs of the Gypsy Horse should display proper angulation for a pulling horse, although not to the degree found in larger feathered draught breeds such as the modern Shire and Clydesdale. Unlike the equine conformational flaw of cow-hockedness, where only the lower leg is turned outward, a Gypsy Horse’s entire hind leg is set so as to angle outward. As a result, when the hind legs of a horse set up squarely are viewed from the rear, their cannon bones appear paralle.

Black Beauty – As the name suggests this black filly of Gypsy breed is a real beauty with star on
Golden Beauty – April 2020 born prepossessing Golden Gypsy Filly. It comes from the renowned bloodline of Harmits Platinum with
Having a beautiful feathering and eye-catching coat, this 2019-born Avtar is a calm black coloured Gypsy colt with a blaze
Chocolate is a 48-inch Silver Dapple colored Mare which belongs to Gypsy breed has a long tail with heavy white
Fortune – A 2016-born Palomino Gypsy Mare with heavy neck and long tail of grey color. This 51-inch mare with
Silver Lace is a grey and white colored Gypsy mare of height 49 inches with high neck.   Name Silver
Father’s Day – A 2016-born Piebald Gypsy Mare with high neck and small tail of black color. This 48-inch mare
Tonto Golden Balls is a brown-white colored (skewbald) Gypsy Stallion. This 51-inch calm, disciplined & beautiful stallion has long hair
Hermits Platinum – A white colored high-neck 2013-born Gypsy Stallion. This 50-inch good-looking solidly built horse comes from an excellent