Sher Raj is a June 2020 born well-growing Black colored 50.5 inches (Oct, 2020) Marwari colt. With slender legs, well-forming
Haider – A Kumet (brown) Marwari colt of Dilbag (Sire) and Alisa (Dam). Born in June 2020, this handsome baby
Nawab – A Black Marwari Colt. Born on June 2020 at #BadalHorsesPunjab, this colt has straight face, well-shaped body. It
Shaan – A brown coloured Marwari Colt from Badshah (sire) and Veenakshi (dam) was born in 2019 at Badal Horses
Raj Singhasan – A black coloured 63-inch Marwari colt that comes from the superfine bloodline of Raj Hans and Hasina.
Baaj – A muscular 2017-born brown colored Marwari Colt, which comes from the elite bloodline of National Champion Raj Hans.