The Marwari is a rare breed of horses from the Marwar region of India, known for its inward-turning ear tips that comes in all equine colours, although pinto patterns tend to be the most popular with buyers and breeders. It is also known for its hardiness, and is quite similar to the Kathiawari, another Indian breed from the Kathiawar region southwest of Marwar. The breed was on the verge of extinction until the intervention of Maharaja Umaid Singhji in the first half of the 20th century saved the Marwari. His work was carried on by his grandson, Maharaja Gaj Singh II. Marwari was noted for its loyalty and bravery in battle.
It is believed that the Marwari horse could only leave a battlefield under one of three conditions – Victory, Death, or Carrying a wounded master to safety. Marwari Horses that have the white markings of a blaze and four white socks are considered lucky. The Marwari was distinguishable from the other breeds in terms of both physical characteristics (mainly height) and environmental adaptability. The Marwari averages between 14.2 and 15.2 hands. The facial profile is straight or slightly Roman and the ears are medium-sized and curving inward so that the tips meet also the Marwari horse can rotate its ears 180º.
The neck is arched and carried high, running into pronounced withers, with a deep chest and muscular, broad and angular shoulders. Marwaris generally have a long back and sloping croup. The legs tend to be slender and the hooves small but well-formed.

Sher Raj is a June 2020 born well-growing Black colored 50.5 inches (Oct, 2020) Marwari colt. With slender legs, well-forming
Haider – A Kumet (brown) Marwari colt of Dilbag (Sire) and Alisa (Dam). Born in June 2020, this handsome baby
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Kajal – A 2017-born Black Marwari Filly with 64 inches of height. This beauty belongs to Devraj (Sire) and Gaytri
Gomati is a 62-inch black coloured beautiful, spirited, brave, and loyal Marwari Mare. This promising mare comes from an excellent
Jannat – A 2019-born brown Marwari filly with white marks on body and four stockings. This short-tail beautiful filly belongs
Falkee – A brown-white Marwari filly comes from the bloodline of renowned Stallion Sidhraj. Having all four high whites, this
Devrani – A 63 -inch Nukra (white Marwari) mare which has a smooth and shiny coat with a long white
Basanti -- A 2018-born piebald Marwari Filly. This 62-inch tall beauty has a smooth and sturdy built with short tail.
Sonam – April 2020 born brown coloured (Kumet) Marwari Filly comes from Sidh Raj’s bloodline. Its dam Noor-e-Jahan is also
Mahraja is a white colored Marwari (Nukra) stallion that comes from a super fine bloodline -- Saliwala (Sire) & Angarika
Dev Darbar is a solid built Black colored 62.5 inches Marwari stallion. With slender legs, well-formed hooves, wearing one white
Katrina -- A 2018-born beautiful 63-inch tall 2018 born Nukra filly with heavy hair long tail. Having a beautiful high-neck,
Moriya – A 2018-born chestnut Marwari Filly carries a white mark on its forehead. Its face is straight to the
Maharani – A 2011 born Nukra mare of pure white colour stands 67 inches tall. Its facial profile is straight
Raj Roop is 64.5 inches tall black horse .He has a straight facial profile with deep and wide shoulder and
Rukmani – A 2011 born 62.5-inch Black Marwari Mare belongs to the superfine bloodline of National Champion Rajhans. Having a
Veenakshi -- A bay (Kumet) colored 2003 born Marwari Mare is a beautiful well-trained member of the Badal Horses Punjab
Alisha -- A brown colored 2008 born beautiful well-trained Marwari Mare. Having black tail and a white fetlock, this 64-inch
Noor-e-Jahan – A 2015-born Ablak Marwari Mare (black & white) of 64 inches. Having a straight and high neck with
Angrika - A 62-inch Nukra mare. With a straight facial profile, this 2009-born high neck beautiful mare comes from the
Momal – A 61-inch tall black coloured Marwari Mare from Kala Kanta (sire) and Rukmani (Dam). Having four stockings, long
Priyanka – A 2011-born 64 inches Chestnut Marwari Mare, having a short tail, straight facial profile with deep and wide
Gaytri – A 2010-born 62.5 inches Chestnut Marwari Mare, having a straight facial profile with deep and wide shoulder and
Hasina – A 2004-born black Marwari Mare, having straight facial profile with deep and wide shoulder and high straight neck.
Parbati – A 2010-born grey Marwari (Nukra) mare. This 62 inches tall & beautiful mare belongs to Neela Sanjaff (sire)